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PatHub is the global patent marketplace, connecting patent buyers, sellers, practitioners, and other service providers. Pathub was developed by Cascades Ventures, whose founder, Anthony O. Brown, has been a pioneer in the field of patent monetization for the past 20 years. PatHub is an essential tool for patent owners seeking to monetize their patents.

Our Story

Note From the Founders

Creating value from your patents may seem like an impossible task. Every year, thousands of patent owners contact us at Cascades Ventures seeking our help in monetizing their inventions. Many of these patent owners are independent inventors or small businesses, who have little or no experience in licensing or selling patents. We repeatedly hear the same stories about the challenges they face: they don’t know how to contact the right person at a big company or they get no response when they do make contact; they don’t know how to value their patents or what terms to offer or accept that would be fair to them; they don’t know how to prepare a presentation or how to market their patents. Or they simply don’t know where to begin.  We see a lot of promising patents and exciting stories, but we unfortunately cannot work with everyone. This inspired us to create PatHub.

Our main goal with PatHub is to give patent owners the tools and the platform so that they themselves can succesfully monetize their patents. For more than twenty years, we have been at the forefront of the patent industry. We built our experience into PatHub's Monetization Guide, which is available to all patent owners who list patents on the site. This guide provides unique insight and proprietary tools for each step of the process, from initially making contact with prospective buyers all the way to negotiating a transaction. At the same time, PatHub's online marketplace provides a user-friendly platform for patent owners, buyers, practitioners, and service providers to get connected.

We hope you will join us at PatHub.


Anthony Brown and Mark Magas

Talented Folks


John joe

Anthony Brown


Mr. Brown is a pioneer in the field of patent licensing and enforcement. In 1998, he founded TechSearch LLC, one of the first companies to engage in the business of patent licensing on a major scale.

Over the course of the next several years, he built TechSearch into one of the premier patent licensing companies in the United States, generating more than thirty million dollars per year in revenues from patent portfolios licensed to many of the major corporations of the world, including IBM, Samsung, Sony, Mitsubishi, Motorola, Time Warner, AMD and DirecTV. In 2005, TechSearch and its affiliated companies were acquired by a public company.

Prior to founding TechSearch, Mr. Brown was a partner at the nationally recognized Chicago law firm of Jenner & Block, where he specialized in business and commercial law.

Mr. Brown has served as a director and senior officer of various public and private companies. He received a Masters in Law (Taxation) from Georgetown University, a Juris Doctor from Case Western Reserve University and a Bachelors in Arts from Oberlin College. Following graduation from law school, he served as an attorney for two years with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington, D.C. He also taught Business Law as an adjunct faculty member of the Kellogg Graduate School of Business of Northwestern University in Chicago.

John joe

Mark Magas


Mr. Magas has over ten years of experience in the patent licensing industry and has been working at Cascades since 2014. Before joining Cascades, he consulted for various patent licensing companies providing infringement analysis services and worked for three years in the engineering department at Acacia Research Group. He also previously founded an expert referral company that matched law firms with technical experts. 

His expertise includes: infringement analysis, claim interpretation, prior art search, validity analysis, market research, and expert search.

Mr. Magas holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a registered Patent Agent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He is currently a candidate for Juris Doctor at the Chicago Kent College of Law.

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