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This invention relates to disposable wipes which when applied to the skin will have warming effects. The disposable warming wipes are impregnated with warming lubricants and essential oils. Can produce fragrance and fragrance free wipes. You can…
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The Multi-Functional Nozzle Attachment for lawn blowers is a device to make the common leaf blower more useful while minimizing the time, noise, fuel and combustion involved in its use. A trackball attachment is designed to roll across the surface…
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The invention disclosed herein generally relates to a footwear that can be worn to detect hidden metal objects. More particularly, the present invention relates to a metal detecting system incorporated within a footwear or a shoe to alert a user…
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The Keeman was created with the avid fisherman in mind. It will keep a rod that's stored and transported with the hook already on the line from getting tangled with the other fishing lines and hooks. While travelling, you will be able to store…
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