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The invention disclosed herein generally relates to a footwear that can be worn to detect hidden metal objects. More particularly, the present invention relates to a metal detecting system incorporated within a footwear or a shoe to alert a user…
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1.What it is : Rich Information is a digital sign that is capable of displaying digital information for listing real estate properties, residential and commercial. Showing pictures, slide shows, video and information on size and square footage as…
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MEDI-RING® is a flexible, semi-rigid, plastic ring that snaps onto prescription medication bottles enabling a patient to write pertinent information on it in language the user understands, such as the condition for which it is taken, i.e. “Heart”, “…
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Color OLED Displays built into the fret-boards of various stringed musical instruments in order to teach a user how to play the instrument by providing playing information directly on the finger-board surface. Strum Chords, Pick Scales, Play Songs…
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