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1.cold fusion and production of energy. 2.medications.
3.medical cosmetic.
4.sensors for saving life.

1.production of energy at great amounts with clean and low cost technologies. power stations at different scales ,…
Patent Portfolio
A Thermoelectric Generation Systems(TGS) is an IT system such as a server, router or switch of any platform type employing Thermoelectric technology. Simply put, our systems utilize Thermoelectrics to convert waste heat or any form of temperature…
Patent Portfolio 23 granted patents in 18 countries in the package.... we expect to get India and U.A.E. granted very soon; that will complete the package of 25 patents in 20 countries. Voted "Best Onshore Fracking…
Patent Portfolio
The Multi-Functional Nozzle Attachment for lawn blowers is a device to make the common leaf blower more useful while minimizing the time, noise, fuel and combustion involved in its use. A trackball attachment is designed to roll across the surface…
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