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Four ornamental design patents for bracelets or rings, our jewelry holds 12 faceted begets riveted to hold precious stones, also four-prong settings,36 prong diamond cabochon gemstone bracelets.asking 20 thousand dollars for 4 design patents in the…
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The Multi-Functional Nozzle Attachment for lawn blowers is a device to make the common leaf blower more useful while minimizing the time, noise, fuel and combustion involved in its use. A trackball attachment is designed to roll across the surface…
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A cost effective therapeutic exercise system may aid the recovery of individuals suffering from conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome as well as other types of afflictions that limit physical function. Along with providing relief, the…
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The invention described in the patent includes a plurality of radio identification devices (e.g smartphones) associated with users and objects (e.g. cars), where the radio identification devices communicate with a server. The server identifies,…
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Safety systems to prevent or mitigate thermal stress conditions in a vehicle. Systems include sensors to detect conditions in and around a vehicle, particularly the temperature inside the vehicle and the condition of occupants. System controllers…
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• Ideal for home decoration and gift
• Heavy-duty rotating tree stand for fresh cut trees with remote control
• Heavy-duty Rotating Tree Stand can be reusable for 10+ years
• Outriggers with adjustable feet…
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