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Monetization Guide

Our Monetization Guide provides you with tools and resources that will help you market your patents like a professional patent broker. Developed by Cascades Ventures, a leading patent licensing and brokerage company, the guide teaches the same methods and provides the same materials used by Cascades to monetize patents. The guide is included with all patent listing subscriptions.

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If PatHub saves you a single hour of time or if it simply helps you get your foot in the door with a prospective buyer or partner, it will have already paid for itself!

What's Inside

Covered Topics


We help you through each part of the monetization process.


General Strategy

Our guide outlines key topics for effectively monetizing your patents. We'll help you avoid common mistakes made by patent owners.



Our claim chart template and guide explains how to demonstrate that someone is infringing your patents.



Learn the basics of patent valuation. Use our Market Valuation tool to estimate the value of your patents.



Showcase your patents like a professional broker using our marketing template and guide. We help you craft your introductions and even provide you with contact lists for top companies.

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