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1 issued patent owned by Micah Rodler

Back’rTape is a construction product intended to reduce the probability of water intrusion and possibility of stucco cracking around windows, and other building envelope penetrations.

Back’rTape is an inexpensive multifunction device that is simple to use and has a high cost-to-benefit ratio.

Back’rTape fulfills the Building Code requirement and window manufacturers’ instructions that stucco be separated from windows, and other materials. Back’rTape fulfills these requirements at a fraction of the cost of the current industry standard.
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Priority date
Mar 10, 2015
Expiration date
Oct 5, 2035
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United States Issued Patent 9428917
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Micah Rodler
California General Contractors License – #863212
Certified California Residential Building Inspector – #8033884-J1
Forensic Construction Consultant – Waterproofing Designer
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Jim Starr
Vice President of Engineering at Tautex
Master of Science: Mechanical Engineering University of California Berkeley 1972
Bachelor of Arts: Physics University of California Berkeley 1970
Many additional courses including mfg engineering, ISO9000, and specific technical topics.
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