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1 issued patent owned by Deidra Nacey

This item is used to help people have a more comfortable, relaxing and secure bath. It keeps young children from chipping teeth on bathtub faucets and helps to keep them from sliding under the water. It also is used for small, paraplegic and amputee people. You can make your standard bath area as big of small as you like.
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Aug 8, 2017
Expiration date
Aug 8, 2032
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A backrest, let support and child barrier in the tub for anybody from a child that sit to adults of all ages.
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United States Issued Patent D793,769 S
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When I saw my children try to relax in the tub like mom and dad, I had to keep them from sliding under the water. The idea of a barricade first, grew into something more versatile.
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