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1 issued patent owned by Christopher Neil Lancaster

The Bully Bearing Cleaner is a new way to clean tapered roller bearings manually. It's easy to use, slide out the wing plates, lift the handle, load the bearings. It cleans two bearings in less than 2 minutes . No hands in solution. Also the Bully washer cleans bearings the proper way. It's the fastest Bearing cleaner on the market manually. There is nothing like it. It is fast and efficient . Mechanics are getting around 180 to 200 washings before having to change the fluid.
Offer Amount Sought
Sale $750,000
Exclusive license price $150,000
Exclusive license royalty 3.50%
Non-exclusive license price $60,000
Non-exclusive license royalty 3.25%
Priority date
Jul 24, 2018
Forward references
This is a Bearing Parts-Washer it cleans grime and geese from Bearings.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 10,029,288
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
The Bully is currently being used in the intermodal industry, Trucking,& Aerospace Aviation service centers.
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