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1 issued patent owned by Mark Biedebach, Ph.D. and Raymond Sleiman, M.D. (UroConduit, Inc.)

A concentric tube catheter positions a polymeric urethral stent into a urinary tract. Resistance heating is used to make the stent malleable for expansion. An inflatable bladder is mounted on one end of the catheter with the stent positioned around the inflatable bladder. The concentric tube catheter is charged with a quantity of water, with a static pressure control assembly and a variable pressure control assembly in fluid contact with the catheter. The fluid is pressurized within the catheter (with the static pressure control) in order to expand the inflatable bladder. A heating control system is used to increase the temperature of the stent allowing it to become more malleable. The variable pressure control oscillates the fluid in order to distribute heat evenly to the inflatable bladder and to the stent. The inflatable bladder and the polymeric stent can then expand together.
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Dec 8, 2020
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Jul 18, 2037
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This patent family includes devices that allow a urologist M.D. to expand the male urethra where it passes through (inside) the prostrate gland. A condition called BPH occurs when the prostrate gland expands sufficiently to stop urine flow through the urethra. (Approximately 190,000 men are diagnosed with BPH each year.)
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United States Issued Patent 9,707,112 B2
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