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1 issued patent owned by Carol Hexem

A dishwasher, including a chamber for washing dishes and a chamber for storing dishes is provided. A mechanism is also provided allowing the dish racks to move the dishes from the washing chamber to the storage chamber of the dishwasher once the wash is completed.
Offer Amount Sought
Sale $1,200,000
Exclusive license price $600,000
Exclusive license royalty 5.00%
Priority date
Jul 11, 2012
Expiration date
Jul 10, 2033
Forward references
A dishwasher which includes at least two chambers. A first chamber is utilized as a washing chamber where dishes are washed in a traditional automatic wash environment. Once washed, the dishes are then automatically transferred to a storage chamber where the clean dishes are available for use. Once transferred, the washing chamber is available to be used for additional washing and dishes in the storage chamber do not need to be transferred to a separate cabinet, but can be used directly.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 10,335,009
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