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2 issued patents owned by Alfred Xin

The patented ergonomic technology relates to supporting normal functions of blood circulatory systems over extended periods of sitting.

The ergonomic technology was patented in the US and China. effectively covering at least 70% of the global market: US, EU and China are the largest consumer markets of the world. When you have products found market in China and manufactured in China as while, Not only you have the Chinese market, but also EU, US and Canada, Japan and Australia.

Unlike traditional concept like “Active Sitting”, the invented ergonomic technology utilizes computerized mechanism help people seating for a long period of time with improving their circulatory system and prevent diseases such as metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions including high blood pressure (it is also linked to risks of death from cardiovascular disease), vein twitching and varicose veins, muscle spasm, blood clots and other health issues.

The device may be CONFIGURED with office chairs OR as PORTABLE PRODUCT carrying round and put on an office chair. Please refer to the animation and image.

China as global manufacturing center will not be replaced by any one as time being.
The patents(US and China) have about 17 years life time, and the patented technology can't be replaced by any current and future technologies!

Please also review demo video by click on website link.

This listing including 2 patents: US and China
US Patent: 10004336
China Patent: CN 106136660 B

They are priced for sale or license, and price may be negotiable.

Offer Amount Sought
Sale $1,500,000
Exclusive license price $380,000
Exclusive license royalty 2.00%
Non-exclusive license price $100,000
Non-exclusive license royalty 1.00%
Priority date
Nov 15, 2015
Expiration date
Aug 28, 2036
The present invention, method and apparatus, relates to supporting normal functions of blood circulatory systems over extended periods of sitting. The invented apparatus and method help blood circulatory systems function normally, while keeping body and or sitting pose unchanged. Keeping body and or sitting pose unchanged are necessary in many circumstances involving extended periods of sitting such as driving an automobile, or sitting without being interrupted by unwanted moves from the seat.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 10004336B2
China Issued Patent 106136660
Issued Patents
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