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5 issued patents and 4 pending applications owned by Douglas Lundy

The portfolio of 5 US patents, with May 24, 2012 priority dating, in the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things, has a patent application that was filed on July 30, 2020, so the patent portfolio remains open.
The portfolio also consists of several related patents that are pending in other jurisdictions, also with May 24, 2012 priority dating, including Canada and the USA.

The independent claims, and their dependent claims, offer superior patent protection in the HVAC, Building Solutions, Residential/Smart Home and Commercial Security Solutions sectors, and in military and numerous other market sectors.

Important Technologies that are deployed:
Cloud-hosted, monitoring solutions for wireless gateways and multi-sensors; secure non-compliance alerts!
System and methods for multi-criteria alarming; dynamically adjustable criteria, over time!
System and methods for providing a smart notification system; provides multi-level alarming!
A plurality of gateways and condition or value sensors are deployed; blankets a venue!
Single or group-element sensors; inexpensively monitors a venue, confirming compliance with thresholds!
Predetermined value sensor thresholds with manual/dynamic adjustment; ensures compliance!
Predetermined value sensor rate-of-change thresholds; detects rapidly changing values for action!
GPS or Cellular Triangulation receivers provide gateway and sensor locations; detects illegal movement!
Predetermined gateway/sensor location co-ordinate differential; detects rapid value changes for action!
Automatic and immediate confirmation of monitoring, network, gateway, device and connectivity; integrity!
Offer Amount Sought
Sale $99,000,000
Non-exclusive license price $66,000,000
Non-exclusive license royalty 15.00%
Priority date
May 24, 2012
Expiration date
May 24, 2033
Forward references
Monitored threat detection of IoT/IIoT wireless gateways and sensor devices against predetermined locations, threshold values and condition values, and including the movement of sensors, and their related wireless gateways, against predetermined GPS/Cellular Triangulation values, such that non-compliance results in alert notification to applicable responders, in real-time, and related devices such as water pumps, security beacons, and the like, are enabled by the system, to deter activities.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 8,994,556
United States Issued Patent 9,390,608
United States Issued Patent 9,911,297
United States Issued Patent 10,276,013
United States Issued Patent 10,733,865
United Kingdom Pending Application 1 421 414.2
Canada Pending Application 2,874,395
Israel Pending Application 235866
United States Pending Application 16,942,770
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
Currently infringed by several large and profitable companies, in the HVAC, Building Systems, Smart Home and Military sectors, and other market sectors, that infringe the patent claims.

Evidence of Use and
Claim charts demonstrating infringement, are available to motivated and committed buyers
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