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The Keeman was created with the avid fisherman in mind. It will keep a rod that's stored and transported with the hook already on the line from getting tangled with the other fishing lines and hooks. While travelling, you will be able to store your poles together without worries. This hook and wrap design ensures they'll never get tangles and never get stuck!
The Keeman is a Hook and Wrap Design which ensures: Lines and Hooks won't get tangled, Saves Time and Reduces Frustration, Prevent Injuries and is great for the On-the-Go Fisherman.
Offer Amount Sought
Exclusive license royalty 25.00%
Priority date
Aug 14, 2018
Expiration date
Aug 14, 2033
Forward references
The Keeman which is solely a hook-and -wrap design, will be used to securely store fishing poles safely by allowing for the hook to be placed inside its pouch and then strapped around itself to hide the hook which precludes any tangling or injuries plus allows the fishing poles, if more than one, to be transported without worries of tangling.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 29/593,180
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