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The Multi-Functional Nozzle Attachment for lawn blowers is a device to make the common leaf blower more useful while minimizing the time, noise, fuel and combustion involved in its use. A trackball attachment is designed to roll across the surface being blown with a connector device that can accommodate a scraper, hook, squeegee, brush and rake. Listed below are the conditions which each attachment should be used:
*Rake- with tines inverted, tickle the grass and the leaves blow up into the air flow for easier dispatch.
*Squeegee- pushes the water while blowing the wet area to dry.
*Scraper- lifts and separates stuck on debris.
*Brush- scrubs porous surfaces and blows the fine particles away.
*Hook- digs in to cracks and crevices pulling weeds and roots to be simultaneously blown away.
Offer Amount Sought
Exclusive license price $499,000
Exclusive license royalty 0.05%
Priority date
Oct 22, 2009
Expiration date
Oct 22, 2029
Forward references
Leaf blower attachments: rake, hook, brush, scraper, squeegee all attached to a roller connection with snaps to attach.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 8,225,450 B2
Issued Patents
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I am a resident of Tallahassee Florida, and received a USPTO patent for a multifuntional nozzle attachment for a lawn blower. "I have been using this concept since 2003 with duct tape and several attachments and in 2008 decided to pursue the invention path. I used a local patent attorney to make it official and have been waiting since then".

The idea came about when trying to blow wet leaves and other smashed debris off of the driveway. By attaching a scraper, the debris was quickly dispatched and the task was done quicker and cleaner with less air power, noise and fuel. Next, wet sawdust on a grainy cement floor needed to be swept after using just the blower so I attached a bristle brush to simultaneously do both tasks with an equally successful effort. Third, standing water on my slick cement porch was quickly removed and dried by attaching a squeegee to the blower. Weeds and dirt are never blown out completely from the sidewalk cracks so a hook is used for that job and finally, some debris and leaves just get stuck in the grass and an inverted small rake can be attached to "tickle" them up into the air flow.
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