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2 issued patents owned by Frederick A. Hirth

MEDI-RING® is a flexible, semi-rigid, plastic ring that snaps onto prescription medication bottles enabling a patient to write pertinent information on it in language the user understands, such as the condition for which it is taken, i.e. “Heart”, “Stomach”, “Memory”, etc.

MEDI-RING® was developed by a pharmacist to help eliminate errors when taking prescription medications. He realized that over 95% of dispensed medications DO NOT state what the medication is for. With over 3 BILLION prescriptions dispensed annually in the US alone, he felt this needed to be addressed.

Medication errors are estimated to account for 140,000 deaths annually, and those who suffered unintended drug events were hospitalized eight to twelve days longer. Preventable adverse drug effects cost the healthcare system $2 billion a year, driving up the cost of health insurance.

People who rely on families or multiple caregivers to administer their medication will also have added peace of mind that potential errors are minimized by the use of MEDI-RING®.

Offer Amount Sought
Sale $100,000
Exclusive license price $30,000
Exclusive license royalty 3.00%
Priority date
Apr 7, 2015
Expiration date
Apr 6, 2035
Forward references
This product, "Medi-Ring", was used primarily to assist people in knowing what medications they are taking. Over 95% of dispensed medications DO NOT state what the contained medications are, due to restrictions on label size and other by-laws. There are also many medication names that look alike and sound alike. This has become such a major issue that the Federal Government's Joint Commission has established a booklet entitled, " ISMP's List of Confused Drug Names".
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 8,999,477
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
Priority date
Mar 19, 1992
Expiration date
Mar 19, 2012
Forward references
This product sold as, "Medifier", was used mainly to enlarge prescription/medication labels for people with subnormal vision. It allowed people to read the small print that is so common on today's prescription/medication labels. This prevented people from taking the wrong medication and helped reduce dosing errors.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 5,193,032
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
The technology of patient safety in the pharmaceutical field is an on-going endeavor, but today's products are too complex to operate and are not user friendly, i.e. timers, smart phones, etc. These products prove difficult when used by the sick and the elderly. This is where the Medi-Ring leads the way.
Patient safety is the main purpose of the Medi-Ring. The developer of the Medi-Ring feels patient safety is highly overlooked and not taken seriously. He feels this situation needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, since annually, there are over 3.5 BILLION prescription medications dispensed in the United Sates.
The Medi-Ring has been sold in catalogs, such as Dr. Leonards, Independent Aids, Gold Violin, and in Fry's Food Stores, a division of Kroger. Sales were also made with Amazon and Facebook.
Some competitors are using pre-labeled stickers. Unfortunately for the end user, these stickers are not reusable and have to be reordered every month. Cost containment is crucial.
The developer of the Medi-Ring is a practicing, registered pharmacist of over 30 years. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in pharmacy with an emphasis in chemistry. He is the holder of two patents; both in the field of patient safety.
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