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1.What it is : Rich Information is a digital sign that is capable of displaying digital information for listing real estate properties, residential and commercial. Showing pictures, slide shows, video and information on size and square footage as well as the areas adjacent to the property. It will also display local businesses who desire to promote their business on Rich Information digital signs .The sign is a one stop shop with the ability to display pending sale, sold or coming soon. There is no more need for the wooden traditional sign, changing the sale status by placing a plastic rider on the sign. It will display from dawn to dusk, once it becomes dark outside the display only shows the sale status. But during the day it displays the current property information and all local businesses who have subscribed to have Rich Information to promote their business.This digital sign is innovative and it will take real estate into the 21st century.

2. How it works : Through a wireless internet signal, then downloading the app you can now upload your photos, video and pertinent information about the current property and local businesses who will be subscribed to Rich Information, Only the owners of Rich information have the capability to add and remove information regarding the current property and this also has the capability to show multiple properties for sale in the current residential or commercial real estate market. This sign comes with a wide angle security camera to catch video of the agents and their clients as they view the properties . This will help halt many potential thefts from occurring and promote the safety of the agents,clients and the property it self.

3.What benefits will it create: Potential sellers can have their properties promoted much greater , their properties will be seen by everyone and not just on the local MLS. Local businesses will be promoted on not just their websites but now on the worldwide web and throughout the community.
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