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1 pending application owned by Charles Roman jr

The Roman Ring is a mens or Ladies ring with an adornment that when pressed will ring the owners mis-placed cell phone within 350 feet. it simply contains a spring, a mini-transponder, a ring base and an adornment. It operates with power from the cell phone within range. The base is universal, and any adornment may be added by a jeweler, making it available In different price ranges. The ring will reset after 5 rings. and immediately be ready to activate again, until the phone is located. The transponder itself already exists in many other applications. The rest is easily obtainable from a plethora of common sources. My target market is a flexible manufacturer, or can be assigned exclusively to a major Jewelry company.
Offer Amount Sought
Sale $12,000,000
Priority date
Jul 17, 2014
Expiration date
Jul 17, 2019
Forward references
Phone locater ring
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Pending Application 62/767,610
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
I am a writer with fourteen million readers, who just has a brilliant idea, born of not having time to respond to "Honey, Call me, I can't find my phone", multiple times a day. Life is too short. Imagine a person; watching the last 12 seconds of the Super Bowl, or a Grandma whos grandchild runs in and says, "Grandma, call an ambulance, there's been an accident , the people need help!" "call me, or where is my phone?".
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