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1 issued patent owned by Daniel P. Burbank and Brian W. Burbank

This newly patented "Seal breaker" will allow the consumer's a much safer and easier way to open bottle's that have a foil membrane located under the cap. Currently there are options available, but these options do not work most of the time because of thier design most have a pull tab that the user pulls on to remove the foil. The problem is that the tab is so small that most of the time the user's fingers just can't grip the tab and therefore they end up using a key, knife or worse thier finger! Most of these products have no means of removing the foul and the consumer has no option but to use a key, knife or finger. The problem is all most all of these products have warnings on the label stating that the contents may be "harmful or fatal if swallowed " so using your finger which most people do is a bad idea and not everyone has a key or a knife on them. With my new innovative bottle cap/seal breaker design the consumer now has a safer and more efficient way of removing the contents. The cap will be made of the same materials as all caps and will use a "living or live hinge" much like what's on a ketchup bottle. Most petroleum products have no means to remove the foil as well as about 80 percent of over the counter drug bottle's the market is endless for this product.
Offer Amount Sought
Sale $200,000
Exclusive license price $200,000
Exclusive license royalty 4.00%
Priority date
Dec 26, 2017
Expiration date
Dec 26, 2037
Forward references
This covers the issue's that consumers have with removing the foil located under the cap of most products. It will enable the user to open the foil under the cap without using a key, knife or thier finger which is a very bad idea as most of these products carry a warning label on them stating that contents may be harmful or fatal if swallowed. Most products on the market today are a pull tab which is so small the user most often cannot grip and they end up using a key,knife or finger anyway.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 9850048
Issued Patents
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I have several US patents the last two patents that I had issued were for a disk brake on a wheelbarrow this was licensed under the Jeep name back in the early 2000's and had some success. I also have several idea's that I have been given the greenlight on to move forward with a patent.
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