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4 issued patents owned by Devin Steele

Completely hands free pouch & strap ski & snowboard carrying system.
Ski/snowboard carrying pouch converts to a carry-all pouch for keys, wallet, cell phone, etc. when not used to carry skis or snowboard.
System can be used for long term storage of skis/snowboard at home, especially in confined spaces.
Straps can be modified to incorporate anti-theft device.
Simple design.
Easy to manufacture.
November 2018, Google product survey, 70% of respondents indicated they would buy one immediately at the $60-70 range. Bulk manufacturing is lower than $10 per unit depending on MOQ.
Offer Amount Sought
Exclusive license price $500,000
Exclusive license royalty 8.75%
Partnership Contact Owner
Priority date
Oct 8, 2014
Expiration date
May 15, 2035
Forward references
Hands free ski & snowboard carrying, storage, & anti-theft system.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 9655433
United States Issued Patent 9656152
European Patent Office (EPO) Issued Patent 3204130A1
Canada Issued Patent 2964256
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
100% Disabled Veteran. Former Volunteer Adaptive (Disabled) Ski & Snowboard Instructor. Medically retired from U.S. Marine Corps in 2008. Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare Defense Specialist; Anti-Terrorism-Force Protection Specialist; DoD & OSHA Certified PPE Expert. B.S. Business Management earned while on active duty.
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