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What is Smart Laundry Mat ?

SMART LAUNDRY MAT is a laundry equipment company with an innovative new Patent Pending system designed to expand the efficiency and profits for a coin Laundromat owner as well as improve the customer’s experience. It was born out of my frustrations of washing my clothes in Laundry Mats throughout college, and a recent cruise where I either couldn’t get a machine as they were all full or when my freshly laundered clothes were thrown on the floor.

The process goes like this:

The customer puts the clothes in the machine, pays via pre-paid card, credit card, coins and inputs their cell phone number into the keypad attached to each machine.

The customer receives an SMS message indicating that the cycle has started and what time it will end. (All machines are connected to a central computer which tracks the machines and sends out SMS messages).

The machine locks, machine starts, and the timer starts. Five minutes before the laundry cycle ends the system sends another SMS reminder. Customer returns, inputs cellphone number and the door opens.

If the customer goes past the 5 minute grace period, the timer starts counting up, charging the customer a set cost per minute. The customer needs to pay the penalty to unlock the machine.

Offer Amount Sought
Sale $1,500,000
Exclusive license price $1,000,000
Exclusive license royalty 5.00%
Non-exclusive license price $850,000
Non-exclusive license royalty 3.00%
Priority date
Apr 20, 2017
Laundry Management Devices, Systems and Methods Patent date Filed Apr 20, 2017 Patent issuer and number us 15/492,984 Patent description A laundry management devices, systems, and methods which relates to managing security and use of laundry devices, including washing machines and dryers.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Pending Application 15/492,984
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