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2 issued patents owned by Albert Lindstrom

Take-Apart Framing Square And Ruler. Portable take-down full sized framing square with parts that use a quick connect system. This framing square will fit in a hand carry type tool box. New type of carpenters framing square. Easy to take on any job, where traveling from job site to different job site is required. Also for use by divers and oil field workers ; as it is salt water resistant and visible in sub lite areas.
Offer Amount Sought
Sale $700,000
Exclusive license royalty 4.00%
Priority date
Mar 8, 2019
Expiration date
Mar 8, 2019
Forward references
A take-apart framing square with a one foot long ruler as a connector bar with a ball and detent system used for joining the main two bodies of the full sized 16 inch by 24 inch framing square. The take-apart framing square has dove tailed grooves to accept the leading beveled edges of the ruler.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent D395,249
United States Issued Patent D593,885
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