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1 issued patent and 2 pending applications owned by Cherif Morcos

Major tool manufacturers have proprietary versions of the oscillating multi-tool with distinctive drive flanges. This patent portfolio covers a universal arbor for an oscillating tool attachment. The specific arbor designs enable any attachment to connect to any oscillating tool offered by the major tool manufacturers.
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Priority date
Mar 22, 2010
Expiration date
Jun 8, 2031
16/273,512 is a pending U.S. continuing utility application, while 29/665,438 is a pending U.S. Design application.
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 10,245,744
United States Pending Application 16/273,512
United States Pending Application 29/665,438
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
There is widespread use of this technology across the industry by many of the major tool manufacturers, including Milwaukee (Techtronic), Dremel (Bosch), Rockwell (Positec), DeWalt (Stanley Black & Decker), Grizzly, Harbor Freight, and more. We have claim charts available upon request.
Cherif Morcos, a contractor with over 20 years of carpentry experience, was always motivated by innovative, well-designed tools related to his trade. He routinely obtained the latest advances in hardware available to him in his efforts to complete projects with the greatest of ease and deliver results that would delight his clients. His drive compelled him to improve his tools in ways that would change the way he worked with them, and most importantly, the way they worked for him.

With multiple employees, Cherif saw the use of his Fein oscillating tool with very high operating expenses as a challenge to his profitability. At a cost of $35 each blade, it resulted in a cost of over $100 per day just in replacement blades. That's when Cherif decided to make and start selling his own Fein blades online called Piranha Blades.

After Fein's patent covering the modern oscillating tool expired, other manufacturer's introduced their own versions of the oscillating tool. Today, every single major manufacturer of power tools carry their own version of the oscillating tool. Each manufacturer designed their tool with a distinct flange, allowing only their accessories to fit on their tool.

Based on this problem, Cherif designed the original Universal Arbor, designed to fit oscillating power tools' receptacles from all the major manufacturers.
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