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3 issued patents and 1 pending application owned by Cascades Streaming Technologies

This technology allows for smooth switching between different camera angles in a video stream. Most current video streaming solutions that allow for camera angle switching have an unacceptable break in content where a first stream corresponding to a first angle stops and a second stream corresponding to a second camera angle must rebuffer before playback can begin. These patents allow for smooth switching by switching from a key frame in the first stream to a matching keyframe in the second stream, where the switching occurs without interruption and has no audio or video artifacts (also called seamless switching).
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Priority date
Jul 15, 2000
Expiration date
Feb 22, 2025
Forward references
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 7,571,244
United States Issued Patent 8,156,236
United States Issued Patent 9,264,472
United States Pending Application 14/993,334
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
Some of the major streaming companies are starting to use this technology. There are wide potential applications that take advantage of camera angles switching, including sports, concerts, and other live events.
These patents survived an IPR challenge and were the subject of a patent infringement suit in the Northern District of Illinois against Big Ten Network. The district court's claim construction ruling supports the validity of the patents for camera angle switching.
Type Case Number
PTAB IPR2014-00526
Federal Court 1:13-cv-01455
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