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1 issued patent and 4 pending applications owned by IoT and M2M Technologies, LLC

The configuration and provisioning of WiFi credentials is a significant challenge, especially for the “Internet of Things”. Many devices do not have suitable user interfaces for entering credentials such as a WiFi network identity (SSID), passwords, etc. End users need a secure and standard way to simply connect new devices to existing WiFi networks. The requirements for security of devices in commercial and industrial settings are also more advanced than within homes.

The WiFi Alliance has created “WiFi Easy Connect”, which is based on the Device Provisioning Protocol (DPP). WiFi Easy Connect was released with WPA3 in June 2018. The newest version of Android also supports WiFi Easy Connect.

WiFi Easy Connect greatly simplifies connecting new devices to WiFi . In summary, the only requirements by end users are: (i) a mobile phone connected to the WiFi network, and (ii) a scan of a QR code for the device. The QR code could be on packaging, or on the device, etc.

Although many businesses may prefer mutual authentication for WiFi Easy Connect, mutual authentication requires securely transferring a mobile phone public key to the device. The effort and steps required to load the device with the mobile phone public key can be equivalent to simply loading the device with WiFi credentials for the network. These costs and steps reduce benefits from using WiFi Easy Connect with mutual authentication.

The patented solutions that are 100% compatible with the Device Provisioning Protocol (and WiFi Easy Connect) and use a Cloud network and mobile handsets to configure devices with the following key benefits:

-Ensures mutual authentication
-Eliminates the steps and costs to transfer mobile phone public keys to devices
-Increases security, since configuring mobile phones could be insecure
-Readily supports scaling to millions of devices or more
Offer Amount Sought
Sale $295,000
Exclusive license Contact owner
Non-exclusive license price $100,000
Non-exclusive license royalty 0.50%
Priority date
Apr 18, 2018
Expiration date
Apr 27, 2038
Forward references
The patented and patent-pending technology covers the systems and methods for a cloud network, a mobile handset, and a WiFi endpoint to conduct “WiFi Easy Connect” and the underlying Device Provisioning Protocol in order to support mutual authentication, where mutual authentication is required for many applications and networking environments
Country Status Patent or Application Number
United States Issued Patent 10,169,587
United States Pending Application 16/186,150
United States Pending Application 16/406,325
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Pending Application PCT/US2019/27968
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Pending Application PCT/US19/32371
Issued Patents
Pending Applications only
John Nix is an inventor of ~50 issued/allowed patents and additional ~25 pending patent applications. To date, these patents and patent applications have more than 1,000 forward patent citations, with several patent publications in the top 99% for the count of forward citations in their respective class and age. John has successfully sold and licensed patent portfolios to leading technology firms. Below is summary of John’s transactions for patent sales and licenses, with associated financial data where applicable (e.g. not under NDA):

a) Skype (now Microsoft) acquiring a first portfolio for VoIP in 2009 for $600K ;

b) Google purchasing a portfolio for VoIP and LTE handover in 2012 ;

c) Network-1 (AMEX: NTIP) acquiring a portfolio of 12 patents and ~16 pending U.S. and international patent applications in late 2017 for $1 million ;

d) Large US mobile network operators acquiring licenses of a fourth portfolio for femtocells.

For the patent portfolio acquired by Network-1 in (c) above, John was awarded “Creator of the Year” for 2016 by the Intellectual Property Law Association of Chicago .
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