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New Patent Listings 12-30-2019

Dec. 30, 2019

Ride Sharing Apps

1 issued patent | Contact: IoT and M2M Technologies, LLC | Available for sale ($225,000), exclusive license ($150,000 or 0.02% royalty), non-exclusive license ($100,000 or 0.01% royalty)

The invention described in the patent includes a plurality of radio identification devices (e.g smartphones) associated with users and objects (e.g. cars), where the radio identification devices communicate with a server. The server identifies, monitors, and tracks the devices. After user authentication, data from the server displays information for user location, object location, anticipated object location, and travel services. Application for rider pickup services are specifically described within the disclosure. Importance of the invention is supported by more than 150 forward citations.

Alternative Graphical Password Authentication

1 issued patent | Contact: Michael Iannamico | Available for non-exclusive license

An authentication system is presented that relies on an arrangement of positions defined through a positional matrix to determine the order in which two or more sets of images are extracted from a file structure and presented to a user through the mutually parallel rows or columns of a selection mechanism during the administration of an authentication challenge without revealing the images that are selected by the user.

Ergonomics: Prevent Long Sitting Caused Illnesses

2 issued patents | Contact: Alfred Xin | Available for sale ($1,500,000), exclusive license ($380,000 or 2% royalty), non-exclusive license ($100,000 or 1% royalty)

The patented ergonomic technology relates to supporting normal functions of blood circulatory systems over extended periods of sitting. The ergonomic technology was patented in the US and China. effectively covering at least 70% of the global market: US, EU and China are the largest consumer markets of the world. When you have products found market in China and manufactured in China as while, Not only you have the Chinese market, but also EU, US and Canada, Japan and Australia. Unlike traditional concept like “Active Sitting”, the invented ergonomic technology utilizes computerized mechanism help people seating for a long period of time with improving their circulatory system and prevent diseases such as metabolic syndrome — a cluster of conditions including high blood pressure (it is also linked to risks of death from cardiovascular disease), vein twitching and varicose veins, muscle spasm, blood clots and other health issues.

Vehicle Extreme Temperature Safety System

1 issued patent | Contact: Gihan and Nayana Jayasundera | Available for sale ($4,000,000), exclusive license ($2,000,000 or 10% royalty)

Safety systems to prevent or mitigate thermal stress conditions in a vehicle. Systems include sensors to detect conditions in and around a vehicle, particularly the temperature inside the vehicle and the condition of occupants. System controllers receive the sensor information, determine the thermal stress status of occupants, and activate appropriate actuators configured to reduce thermal stress in the vehicle.

RH-Tip Ear Cleaning Device

1 pending application | Contact: Ronald Horowitz | Available for exclusive license

A swab that may be used as an ear cleaning device including and elongated stem with an oil absorbing sheet covering a tip core at each end extending outwardly, wherein the tip core may be comprised of a soft resilient material such as cotton with an oil absorbing sheet wrapped around the tip core to form a covered swab end. The covered swab ends render the tips more oil absorbent than a typical cotton swab.

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