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New Patent Listings 5-1-2019

May. 01, 2019

Because our buyer list has grown substantially in the last month, we have included listings from the previous newsletter.


1 issued patent | Contact: Jeffrey J. Sicuranza | Available for sale ($750k)

A Thermoelectric Generation Systems(TGS) is an IT system such as a server, router or switch of any platform type employing Thermoelectric technology. Simply put, our systems utilize Thermoelectrics to convert waste heat or any form of temperature gradient within the IT device to usable energy. With Thermoelectrics integrated in our systems these devices now have a second dimension to their respective IT role, energy generation. The energy generated from the work these systems would normally conduct in the data center has a value and can be used for many purposes. For example, one important purpose is to offset the cost of energy consumption in the same data center.

Power Monitoring Strip with Triple Load Slaves

1 issued patent, 1 pending application | Contact: Michel Balthazar | Available for sale, exclusive/non-exclusive license, partnership

A horizontal electrical power strip device that can be used in conjunction with power tools so as to allow secondary tools associated with a master tool to be automatically turned on or off simultaneously with the master tool being turned on or off, as well as simultaneously cutting off power to a third group of tools associated with the same master tool with the possibility of supplying uninterrupted power to a fourth group of tools.

Range of Motion Rehabilitation and Exercise

3 issued patents | Contact: Richard C. Hanks | Available for sale ($150k), exclusive license ($75k or 5% royalty), non-exclusive license ($50k or 5% royalty), partnership

A cost effective therapeutic exercise system may aid the recovery of individuals suffering from conditions such as arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome as well as other types of afflictions that limit physical function. Along with providing relief, the system and its components may be utilized in other applications such as strength training and other types of activities including preventive activities. In one aspect, a system includes a device that includes one or more bladders capable of being inflated and deflated. The system also includes an information package capable of processing data representing the inflating and deflating of the one or more bladders.

Warming Wipes Impregnated with Essential Oils

1 issued patent, 1 pending application | Contact: Minnie Stinson | Available for sale ($450k), exclusive license ($450k or 12% royalty), partnership

This invention relates to disposable wipes which when applied to the skin will have warming effects. The disposable warming wipes are impregnated with warming lubricants and essential oils. Can produce fragrance and fragrance free wipes. You can also produce warming lotions/oils from the same ingredients. The warming effect is achieved by having one or more additives in the lubricant which are either always active or activated by the body. My invention is unique because there are no warming wipes on the market. Instead of having to wipe and or wash with a cold wipe, you can do so with a nicely warm one. This invention has long term use and can be used by everyone. According to research, the market for wipes are growing into billions.

WiFi Easy Connect

1 issued patent, 3 pending applications | Contact: John Nix, IoT and M2M Technologies, LLC | Available for sale ($900k), exclusive license, non-exclusive license (250k), non-exclusive license royalty (1%)

The patented and patent-pending technology covers the systems and methods for a cloud network, a mobile handset, and a WiFi endpoint to conduct “WiFi Easy Connect” and the underlying Device Provisioning Protocol in order to support mutual authentication, where mutual authentication is required for many applications and networking environments.

Video Streaming with Smooth Camera Angle Switching

3 issued patents, 1 pending application | Contact: Mark Magas, Cascades Streaming Technologies | Available for sale

This technology allows for smooth switching between different camera angles in a video stream. Most current video streaming solutions that allow for camera angle switching have an unacceptable break in content where a first stream corresponding to a first angle stops and a second stream corresponding to a second camera angle must rebuffer before playback can begin. These patents allow for smooth switching by switching from a key frame in the first stream to a matching keyframe in the second stream, where the switching occurs without interruption and has no audio or video artifacts (also called seamless switching).

Smart Laundry Mat Process

1 pending application | Contact: Casey Welch | Available for sale ($1.5M), exclusive license ($1M or 5% royalty), non-exclusive license ($800k or 3% royalty)

SMART LAUNDRY MAT is a laundry equipment company with an innovative new Patent Pending system designed to expand the efficiency and profits for a coin Laundromat owner as well as improve the customer’s experience. It was born out of my frustrations of washing my clothes in Laundry Mats throughout college, and a recent cruise where I either couldn’t get a machine as they were all full or when my freshly laundered clothes were thrown on the floor.

RCEA DNA Detection

39 issued patents, 11 pending applications | Contact: Kenneth Smith | Available for sale ($7.5M)

Restrictase Cascade Exponential Amplification (RCEA) is a revolutionary DNA detection technology which has the potential to completely disrupt the current polymerase chain reaction (PCR) market. Unlike PCR, which copies DNA segments, RCEA uses a series of enzymatic reactions to detect the target DNA. RCEA is low cost, has high sensitivity and near-perfect specificity, and can be performed quickly in the field. Early application development and proof of concept experiments have been successful and are documented in at least two publications. There are widespread potential applications: bacterial, pathogen, or cancer detection; agricultural or veterinary diagnostics; food safety testing; environmental testing; genetic testing; forensics; and more.

Take-Apart Framing Square & Ruler

2 issued patents | Contact: Albert Lindstrom | Available for sale ($500k), exclusive license (5% royalty)

Take-Apart Framing Square And Ruler. Portable take-down full sized framing square with parts that use a quick connect system. This framing square will fit in a hand carry type tool box. New type of carpenters framing square. Easy to take on any job, where traveling from job site to different job site is required. Also for use by divers and oil field workers ; as it is salt water resistant and visible in sub lite areas.

GPS Based Radio Station Selection

4 issued patents | Contact: J. Carl Cooper | Available for sale (contact owner)

The technology assists an operator using a vehicle mounted or portable wireless communications device in selecting devices to communicate with while traveling. This will lessen operator work load and distractions and improve safety. For example, the vehicle radio location relative to the locations of other radios can be used to assist a user in the vehicle in selecting one or more of those radios which are in range of the vehicle in order to receive transmitted information and/or engage in two way communications. The technology is useful to users of automobiles, aircraft, boats, mobile radios and other devices which incorporate a wireless communications capability to assist user selection of various communications.

Mobile Health Diagnostics

26 issued patents, 1 pending application | Contact: Mark Magas | Available for sale ($1.5M)

This patent portfolio concerns mobile health diagnostics technology. It includes 27 total assets across two patent families, with both US and international coverage. The first patent family covers a Mobile Analyte Testing Device which uses a smartphone camera to detect analytes on a test strip. The second patent family covers a Disposable Body Fluid Testing Unit which is complementary to the first family and discloses a testing unit with an optimal design that can be attached to a smartphone.

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