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New Patent Listings 6-3-2019

Jun. 03, 2019

Universal Arbor for Oscillating Tool Attachment

1 issued patent, 2 pending applications | Contact: Mark Magas | Available for sale, exclusive license, non-exclusive license

Major tool manufacturers have proprietary versions of the oscillating multi-tool with distinctive drive flanges. This patent portfolio covers a universal arbor for an oscillating tool attachment. The specific arbor designs enable any attachment to connect to any oscillating tool offered by the major tool manufacturers. There is widespread use of this technology across the industry and we have claim charts available upon request.

Networked Exercise Equipment System

1 issued patent | Contact: Barry Negrin | Available for sale ($150k), exclusive license ($125k), non-exclusive license ($75k)p

The invention is a networked exercise device control system that helps prevent users of community or shared exercise equipment from spending too much time on the equipment and not allowing other users to use and enjoy the equipment. An external variable indicator measures at least one external variable, e.g., the time of day or the number of machines in use at once. A timer measures a duration of the user's workout, and a timer limiter is provided and is presettable by an administrator to delineate a maximum workout duration when the external variable(s) reach(es) a predetermined threshold. When the external variable indicator measures the at least one external variable to be reached or exceeded, the timer limiter prevents the user's workout from exceeding the maximum duration.

Shoe Sole Sanitizer

1 issued patent | Contact: Bibi Rabbia Abdul | Available for sale, exclusive/non-exclusive license, partnership

A device for cleaning the soles of your shoes without taking it off. This technology is in line with the green concept and uses ultra violet technology to sanitize your shoes by stepping on it before entering your homes, hospitals surgical rooms and laboratories.

Cyber Data Science

2 issued patents | Contact: Automiti | Available for sale, exclusive license

1) Evidence based differential analysis and incentives based healthcare policy to reduce healthcare costs to insurers and beneficiaries with an outcomes based plan. 2) Identity recognition and affiliation of a user in a service transaction, for privacy and authenticity of the user and data to prevent cyber fraud and misinformation.

Gordon Rocket Company Cookstove

1 issued patent | Contact: David Gordon | Available for sale ($10m), exclusive license ($1m or 10% royalty), partnership

The Gordon Rocket Stove (GRS) is new rocket-type, wood-fired cookstove design featuring smoke-free operation and three cooking options. Created for camping, backyard barbecue and home preparedness - the GRS is a life-saving, expedition-grade field kitchen capable of high-volume food production in disaster situations and relief operations. The enclosed firebox and tuned vertical chimney create a rocket-like roar as extra oxygen is pulled in completely combusting all fuel. CO “smoke” as well as ash is consumed as the wood is vaporized for maximized fuel use.


1 issued patent | Contact: Deidra Nacey | Available for sale, exclusive license

This item is used to help people have a more comfortable, relaxing and secure bath. It keeps young children from chipping teeth on bathtub faucets and helps to keep them from sliding under the water. It also is used for small, paraplegic and amputee people. You can make your standard bath area as big of small as you like.

World's First Smart Guitar

1 issued patent | Contact: Randy Cook | Available for sale, exclusive license (33% royalty), non-exclusive license (33% royalty), partnership

Color OLED Displays built into the fret-boards of various stringed musical instruments in order to teach a user how to play the instrument by providing playing information directly on the finger-board surface. Strum Chords, Pick Scales, Play Songs... all without looking away from the instrument to a computer, you tube, sheet music, etc.

Scooter Buddy, Motorized Scooter Attachment

1 issued patent | Contact: Minos J Campbell | Available for sale ($25k), exclusive license ($15k or 5% royalty)

OBJECTIVE: Invention is an attachment for scooters that provides support for outstretched legs. It is designed to be mounted on either side of the front portion of a motorized scooter and supports a leg that needs to be kept in a straight orientation.

Cold Fusion Energy, Various Medical Treatments

1 issued patent, 2 pending applications | Contact: Menni Menashe Zinger | Available for non-exclusive license

1.cold fusion and production of energy. 2.medications. 3.medical cosmetic. 4.sensors for saving life. 1.production of energy at great amounts with clean and low cost technologies. power stations at different scales ,vehicles of all kinds. 2. about 100 medications at different stages. 3.medical cosmetic u.s.a. patent. 4.sensors for saving life of people that use pools, buths ,jakuzi etc. wo/2018/037418. pct.

Wireless IOT/IIOT Sensor Enabling With Alerts

4 issued patents, 4 pending applications | Contact: Douglas Lundy | Available for sale ($59.4m), exclusive license

The portfolio of 4 US patents, with May 24, 2012 priority dating, in the Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet of Things, had an application filed on April 23, 2019, to keep it open/alive. The portfolio also consists of several related patents that are pending in other jurisdictions, also with May 24, 2012 priority dating, including Canada, Israel and the UK, all offering superior patent protection. The independent claims, and their dependent claims, offer superior patent protection in the HVAC, Building Solutions, Residential/Smart Home and Commercial Security Solutions sectors, and in military and numerous other market sectors.


1 issued patent | Contact: Micah Rodler | Available for sale

Back’rTape is a construction product intended to reduce the probability of water intrusion and possibility of stucco cracking around windows, and other building envelope penetrations. Back’rTape is an inexpensive multifunction device that is simple to use and has a high cost-to-benefit ratio. Back’rTape fulfills the Building Code requirement and window manufacturers’ instructions that stucco be separated from windows, and other materials. Back’rTape fulfills these requirements at a fraction of the cost of the current industry standard.

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