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New Patent Listings 9-24-2019

Sep. 10, 2019

Prescription Medication Safety

2 issued patents | Contact: Frederick A. Hirth | Available for sale ($100,000), exclusive license ($30,000), exclusive license royalty (3%)

MEDI-RING® is a flexible, semi-rigid, plastic ring that snaps onto prescription medication bottles enabling a patient to write pertinent information on it in language the user understands, such as the condition for which it is taken, i.e. “Heart”, “Stomach”, “Memory”, etc.

The Keeman Fishing Pole Securing Device

1 issued patent | Contact: Timothy Nelson | Available for exclusive license royalty (25%)

The Keeman was created with the avid fisherman in mind. It will keep a rod that's stored and transported with the hook already on the line from getting tangled with the other fishing lines and hooks. While travelling, you will be able to store your poles together without worries. This hook and wrap design ensures they'll never get tangles and never get stuck! The Keeman is a Hook and Wrap Design which ensures: Lines and Hooks won't get tangled, Saves Time and Reduces Frustration, Prevent Injuries and is great for the On-the-Go Fisherman.

Rotating Christmas Tree Stand for Fresh Cut Trees

1 issued patent | Contact: Samuel Jin | Available for sale ($199,990)

Heavy-duty rotating tree stand for fresh cut trees with remote control.

Roman Ring

1 pending application | Contact: Charles Roman Jr. | Available for sale ($12,000,000)

The Roman Ring is a mens or ladies ring with an adornment that when pressed will ring the owners mis-placed cell phone within 350 feet. it simply contains a spring, a mini-transponder, a ring base and an adornment. It operates with power from the cell phone within range. The base is universal, and any adornment may be added by a jeweler, making it available In different price ranges. The ring will reset after 5 rings. and immediately be ready to activate again, until the phone is located. The transponder itself already exists in many other applications. The rest is easily obtainable from a plethora of common sources. My target market is a flexible manufacturer, or can be assigned exclusively to a major Jewelry company.

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