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PatHub enables you to market your patents like a professional patent broker. By listing your patent portfolios for sale or license on PatHub, your listing will be automatically submitted to our buyer network and you will get access to our Monetization Guide, a set of expert tools and resources developed by Cascades Ventures that will help with valuing, packaging, and marketing your portfolios.

Patent Portfolio Listing

per year
  • One portfolio listing with unlimited patents and access to our monetization guide.
Why Sell on PatHub

What You Get


Buyer Network

Automatic submission to over 100 of the top patent buyers, including NPE's, brokers, and more.


No Exclusivity

Use PatHub in conjunction with any of your other marketing efforts.


Detailed Listing

Our listings draw out all the relevant information needed by buyers.


Monetization Guide

Access our Monetization Guide, which includes a valuation tool, company contact list, guides and more.


Custom URL

Share your portfolio with a custom link based on its title.


No Other Fees

We do not charge any other fees other than our annual listing fee.

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